Time is Money – Invest in These Products to Improve Time Management

“Time is money” – a quote many of us will have often heard over the years. We are living in an era where are used to seeing the immediate consequences of our actions, good or bad. From trades in the stock market losing billions due to miniscule delays, to football managers being fired after a run of a few bad results, what is clear now is that using time effectively is more important than ever. Time is our only finite resource, and so whatever we do, we must ensure that we use it wisely and effectively.

As a business you should always be looking for new products or approaches than can help you improve your efficiency. Below are some products that you may want to look into to help improve your business’ time management and ultimately, it’s efficiency.


If you haven’t heard of Pronestor yet, it’s high time you did some research. In a time when decisions must be made quickly and effectively, why wait hours or even days to set meetings, and even more importantly why spend man hours organising them? Pronestor is the top room scheduling software on the market right now, which in short, allows you to maximise your meeting room use and improve productivity by removing double bookings and inefficient meeting-organising practices. Meetings can be created on a mobile device and a vacant room can be allocated for it simultaneously, without the need to spend time contacting attendees individually.

Apple Watch

With its connectivity to your smartphone, one might think that you’d just pretty much be attaching your phone to your body, but that isn’t the case. While you still get the same notifications you would see on your phone, they are in the reduced form of a tap. This is useful as it stops you from picking up your phone and potentially getting side-tracked, as many of us nowadays are prone to.

Unlike with a phone in your hands, the Apple watch leaves you with free hands to do whatever important tasks need to be done. And don’t forget, it is still a watch – very useful in this day and age where fewer wrist watches are being worn, and still an essential when it comes to managing your time.


You likely don’t even know how many different passwords you have for different accounts and devices, so why bother remembering them all when you can have an app do it for you? Personally, I often forget passwords, reset them, and then forget them again, or don’t have them saved on my other devices. This has wasted much of my time and effort over the years – until Dashlane came out. Now, I let it generate passwords, remember them, and input them on my behalf, which not only saves time, but it also keeps my accounts more secure by generating much more complex passwords than I would ever have bothered creating!