The Best Waterproof Products You’ll Ever Need

We live in a time where so much of our material belongings consist of electronic technology, making them susceptible to damage, mainly from water. While water damage is not solely applicable to our electronics – most people’s important documents such as passports and certificates are still mainly paper based – we can all pretty much agree that being able to keep these items free from such damage can be considered a priority. Whether you own a laptop, mobile phone, or just want to keep any items away from water, here are the best waterproof products available on the market.

Dry bag

Lightweight, tough and good looking, investing in a dry bag is a smart move. They are relatively cheap and almost guarantee full waterproofing at shallow levels. If you are planning on venturing out into the rain or just need to keep your valuables safe while taking part in water-based activities, having a dry bag is pretty much a necessity. Many of these use the roll-and-lock method where you fold over the opening a few times and clip it shut; this way you trap the air inside and make it impermeable to water. Handily enough it can also act as a buoy, giving you something to hold onto while in water.

Waterproof phone case

With a vast array of choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose one, but this also means the standard of protection is continuously increasing. Brands such as Lifeproof and Otterbox make sturdy and reliable cases that not only can be submerged in water, but have models with military-grade shock protection, allowing your phone to survive otherwise fatal drops on solid ground. While many phones claim to be waterproof or water-resistant, it is recommended to add an extra layer of protection in the form of a certified waterproof case.

Waterproof backpacks

Different to dry bags in that these are made to be carried for longer periods of time, and while they offer the same amount of protection against water, protection against bumps and shocks are much higher. A good waterproof backpack should be considered essential to keeping your valuables dry in the event of being caught in the rain or just general dangers that daily life poses to your equipment.


The first line of defense against the elements would usually be a raincoat. What is the point in keeping your valuables protected if you neglect to adequately protect yourself? Raincoats are no longer built just for practicality, but are now considered as much of a fashion item as much as say, sneakers. Gone are the days of ugly, oversized raincoats made of thick, non breathable plastic – nowadays you can purchase a thin, light jacket that offers just as much water protection, but still allows you to stay ventilated. There is no point in investing in a raincoat to protect you from the rain but you end up just as wet from all the sweat accumulating inside.