How to Best Conduct Meetings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We may be five months into a pandemic but still the show must go on for many businesses. While certain industries may be restricted, the production and delivery of food is still deemed essential for example, and must therefore continue. Governments, many types of businesses and other types of organisations are still functioning even during this time and meetings are still expected to go ahead in order to discuss the situation and next steps. We shall look at the best ways to conduct meetings during this period of exceptional circumstances.

1) Video calls

The most popular way of conducting meetings the past few months has been through video calls. With many workplaces closed and employees working from home, the popularity of video conferencing through software such as Zoom has exploded, with it almost becoming the norm for organisations thanks to the multiple participants it can handle on one call.

The main benefit of this medium of meeting is that it eliminates contact with others physically and allows the participation of anyone as long as they have an internet connection. While video conferencing has been gaining popularity over the past few years thanks to globalisation, this pandemic has sped up its uptake and boosted its popularity.

2) Renting meeting rooms

Coworking and rentable office spaces have been gaining popularity the past few years thanks to their high quality infrastructure that surpasses most home office capabilities. Super high-speed internet and audio/visual equipment made them popular with those without access to their own office space. Companies such as Wework and Regus offer such workspace solutions with the best booking systems, allowing you to book rooms and spaces quickly and efficiently, removing the need to communicate face-to-face while booking or entering the space.

3) Instant messaging platforms

For a more casual meeting experience, communication platforms such as Slack and Whatsapp can be used. Being able to attend meetings on your phone effectively gives workers unparalleled flexibility; great for those constantly on the move. While many would argue that meetings are best conducted at the very least with voice, using text-based platforms also gives you live records of what is being discussed, perfect to avoid any confusion and removing the need to transcribe the meeting.

4) Teleconferencing

The old, reliable method of conducting meetings without the need to be physically present, teleconferencing will still remain one of the most popular methods for some time to come. Unlike the other methods mentioned, since teleconferencing doesn’t necessarily require an internet connection, it is one of the most reliable; it won’t drain your device battery as much and the quality is often clearer.

The Covid pandemic has clearly brought with it many challenges for organisations, but we still have many options available to us to help us continue meeting (almost) as normal.